7 August 2013

NEW! A Web Site for the UK Rituximab Clinical Trial for ME

From Invest in ME (IiME Charity): 

"Hello everyone,

The team have created a microsite for the UK rituximab trial.

We welcome feedback and comments and hope the site will grow with useful information as the trial progresses and as the target is reached.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful support and teamwork."

Invest in ME

A Web Site for the 
UK Rituximab Clinical Trial for ME

August 2013

In order to make it easier for ME patients, ME support Groups, charities, organisations, researchers and the media to find more easily and bookmark the central point for the UK Rituximab Trial then Invest in ME have set up a special micro-site to collate all of the relevant information.
simple to remember - UK rituximab trial.
We hope this makes it easier for everyone and we welcome support and additions to the site as the trial begins.
The micro-site includes the new MATRIX fundraising scheme which allows everyone to participate and support us and at the same time provides recognition.
A facility will be added to allow questions to be posed and answered.
Thank you to everyone who is supporting the UK rituximab trial.
We have had support from twelve different countries already.
Just to summarise -
  • We have the facilities available
  • We have the researchers available
  • We have the best expertise possible available
  • We have the means of fundraising for this trial available - see The MATRIX 
  • We have already contacted others to invite them to support our fundraising efforts and we welcome pledges for funding, even delayed until the peer review process has been achieved

Invest in ME have contacted other organisations and welcome their pledges for financial support as well as moral support. To those organisations who are really helping us and working toward the same common goal we thank you.
To all our supporters and the fantastic Let's Do It For ME team our thanks are eternal. We are truly humbled by the support you are giving us, by the efforts you are making and by the integrity you are showing. 
Invest in ME are coordinating this trial and the fundraising with Professor Jonathan Edwards. More news will be made available on the new web site.
We invite everyone to participate.
Please support us in this venture - by helping funding, by helping in fundraising or even just raising awareness of the charity's proposal. 
Thank you.

Help with fundraising for the UK rituximab trial - join the MATRIX

The Way Forward for ME - A Case for Clinical Trials
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