11 May 2014

A Dream, A Wish, A Hope

 *peers in nervously ...*
*clears throat*
The Caged Bird
ME Awareness May 2014 

Okay ... so, obviously, I'm the Caged Bird and ... well, this is what I've done for ME Awareness Day/Week/Month (and beyond!).
Basically, while I'm rather shy these days (and somewhat poorlier than I used to be many moons ago, having always been mod/severe but progressively worse with it since the start), I have pushed to painstakingly make this video over a period of time for a JustGiving page to try and raise more funds for the amazing peeps at Invest in ME.
So, without further ado, I present ...
A Dream, A Wish, A Hope


 Formally, this video was Unlisted, meaning it was only available via direct link to the video itself. After several months and a response I never expected, it is now available to the public via Let's Do It For ME's YouTube channel, in the hope of raising even more desperately needed funds for Invest in ME! 

(With the end bit regarding me freaking out chopped off, obviously .. though, believe me, my hair is not grey for no reason!)

*bites non-existent nails 'cause TCB can't grow them!*

The link to my page is here:


So, please, do help if you can! I've met my target and then some already, as people have been so wonderfully generous thus far, but every single donation helps, especially if I manage to go over my target by a 1000%!
Thank you so much for reading, watching and especially donating.