4 May 2014

Keisha's Dreadlock Holiday for Charity

Tanya's eldest daughter Keisha, who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome along with anxiety and depression, wanted to do something significant to raise funds for Invest in ME Research and awareness about the illness on behalf of her two younger sisters, who both suffer from ME (they made an awareness video recently to highlight the illness and how it affects sufferers, you can view it here).

Keisha had her hair dreadlocked over a year ago and was exceptionally fond of them.  Her dreadlocks along with her piercings gave her a confidence, they were a stamp of her personality and identity.  For her fundraiser she wanted something that would have an impact on others - that would stand out.  She decided that she would have her dreadlocks cut off and her head shaved for her chosen charity.  It was the support she had from her boyfriend Jack, along with her family, that gave her the strength to be able to go through with this.  His unwavering strength and unconditional love for her has made her feel empowered.. Prior to her relationship with Jack, Keisha was unable to leave the house without full make-up, would have a crisis about what she was wearing and how she looked, even though she looked wonderful, and was crippled by enormous panic attacks and anxiety episodes.  Although the panic and anxiety episodes still occur she has far more confidence and feelings of self-worth because of Jack.

So, on Friday 2nd May the deed was done - Keisha had her dreadlocks cut off by her sisters and head shaved afterwards by her dad and Tasha together.  Here is a picture of the new hairless Keisha with her two sisters Tasha and Tara - and her dreadlocks!

We filmed the event and have set it to Sarah's Song because the proceeds from this song all go to Invest in ME too (plus it is such a beautiful tune).  You can find out how to download the song at the bottom of the blog post here.

You can still donate to Keisha's Justgiving page http://www.justgiving.com/keishasdreads and help her to reach (and hopefully smash) her target of £1000.
 Thank You