22 November 2014

The Caged Bird
 21st November 2014:

Twenty Years On ...

Hello, everyone! I’m afraid I’m too poorly to write (type) much at the moment, but my second video (you HAVE seen the first, I trust? ;) ) says it all ...

Twenty Years On from contracting ME; in my case, either caused by or triggered by the MMR jab on the 21st November 1994, when I was just eleven years old. (This is being published on the 22nd November, owing to a few *slight* technicalities and a LOT of megabyte file-size errors ... don't ask ...)

The Caged Bird: ME Awareness: 
Twenty Years On ...

Suffice it to say, I don’t intend to endure another twenty years of being this poorly or worse; this is why it is imperative that people join forces to support this amazing charity, Invest in ME, in making advancements in the diagnosis, testing, treatment and eventual cure for this horrendous disease.

This is my JustGiving page, set up for my first video back in May:


And said first video:

The Caged Bird: ME Awareness: 
A Dream, A Wish, A Hope ...

 Please watch my videos, share widely and donate if you can. My target was originally £100 and is still going strong; £5000 would be even better! *hint-hint*

From the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you.

All my love, 
The Caged Bird.

The Caged Bird