8 May 2016

Caged Bird: The Soul that Sings


Hello, everyone! *waves wing*

It's been a while, hasn't it? Unfortunately, my body decided to have a MAHOOSIVE crash last April, after several months' build up, and I have been trying to stabilise since. While not remotely stable, I am out of the immediate danger zone and my voice is thankfully coming back slowly but surely. 

Unbeknown to us all until too late, I ended up with depleted B12 levels so low the effects were exceptionally severe, and I still have a third numbness (but with pain) from head to toe, on top of my usual symptoms (about sixty if I were to list them all, but obviously not all at once!). 

As we know, ME's effects vary in level. While most days - hours, even - those levels for me are still acute, I do get an occasional gap between my all-too-frequent hurricanes (migrainous attacks which last one to three days with a couple of days in between of normal head pain) where I can sing for a short time. So guess what I do when I have the chance? :D

I suffer terribly for it. We ALL suffer for pushing our bodies and indeed our very cells more than they can cope with. But what is the point in living if one cannot attempt to feel alive? (Yes, I watched The World is Not Enough recently!)

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you find some hope. I never thought I'd sing again - but I have. While I am still very, very frightened of what the future holds, I am clinging on tight to my dreams.

With love and eternally grateful thanks for reading, watching, sharing and especially donating ...


Until next time,

The Caged Bird