1 October 2014

Stoptober for ME!

Stoptober is a Department of Health campaign that challenges smokers to give up cigarettes for 28 days during the month of October. But why stop there? Will you or your friends or family members give up something in October and donate the money to Invest in ME? 

This is the idea behind Stoptober Stop for ME! An event created by Ali Head. 

October has become the month of abstinence, so how about inviting your family and friends to give up something they love and will miss for a month and donating what they would have spent to Invest in ME? 

The sentiment behind this is people with ME have to go without so many things they love; drinking, fags, going out, eating what you like, shopping, cinema, clubbing even holidays, their choices are so limited by this illness so during the month of October why not give up something you love and raise money for biomedical research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) at the same time?

What to do? 

Mark yourself as attending, and invite your family and friends to join in to support you.

Choose what you're giving up.

Tell us what you're giving up, how much of it you usually have, and what it costs!

At the end of Stoptober you can donate what you've saved to;

Or you can text as you go along by texting "POTS66" and the amount you wish to donate.

We say "thank you very much for supporting the local charity Invest in ME who are the worlds leading voluntary organisation for research and support of people with M.E"

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Let's do it for ME!

In support of the proposal by Invest in ME (Research) Charity to establish (now develop) a UK centre of excellence for biomedical research and treatment of myalgic encephalomyelitis. http://www.investinme.org/

1st of the month - the day to donate £1 to 1st Class ME Research!

A Pound For Research
Posted by Ruth Gilchrist on the 1st of each month - 

This is my usual monthly reminder of fundraising towards Biomedical Research into M.E. 

To donate just ONE POUND by text - Text this code APFR99 £1 to 70070

Your text should read like this APFR99 £1 

Thank You.

On the 1st of each month the 'Pound Hound' barks at my bedside to remind Me 
to remind You of the 
'One Day - One Pound' Fundraiser. 

.../|6 6|\
..._/ ^ \_
.(/ / ^ \ \)-') 
...""' '"" 

Let's make 'Today's £1 Coins Be Tomorrow's Cure'

Ruth's idea of One Day - One Pound is for as many people as possible to donate just £1 on the 1st of each month to show support and to help raise the much needed funds for 1st class biomedical research into this extremely debilitating and often devastating illness. Don't worry if you miss the 1st - all donations throughout each month will count. 

Gift Aid is an extra 25% of your donation from the government if you are a UK tax-payer, so don't forget to tick the Gift Aid box when you donate if this applies to you, but all donations will count towards the total matched amount, whether or not you live in UK or are a UK tax-payer. 

To donate £1 by text to 70070 - use the code APFR99 followed by the amount £1 (or £2, £3, £4, £5, £10 if you wish). Text donations will appear on the Just Giving Page and you can choose to add your name and Gift Aid if eligible, by text. 

You can also donate (worldwide) from a minimum of £2 via the JustGiving page.

Click here for other options to donate £1 or more, including PayPal and bank transfer. 

Please share, tweet, forward this link to your email contacts and ask them to spread the word that if anyone would like to donate £1.00 or more on the 1st of each month it would be much appreciated by the estimated 250,000 sufferers in the UK alone and millions worldwide. 

*Let's do it for ME! is a campaign to help raise awareness of the work of independent UK charity Invest in ME (Research) and funds for the biomedical research into myalgic encephalomyelitis that the charity is organising and/or funding. Invest in ME is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who either have ME or are parents and carers of ME patients. They are driving the agenda of scientific biomedical research into diagnostic tests and treatments for myalgic encephomyelitis in UK in collaboration with international researchers of world renown - 2014 is an exciting year for progress in M.E. research - you can help*
For latest news see September 2014 Invest in ME Newsletters - http://bit.ly/1mH9rmt

Thank-you for your support - Let's do it for ME!
Let's do it for ME!
in support of Invest in ME (Research)
Invest in ME International Biomedical Research Conference (IIMEC)

IIME/UCL/UK rituximab trial