1 August 2014

Let’s Get Snapping for M.E! 2014 Christmas Cards Photo Competition

It may be the height of summer, but we're already looking ahead to Christmas as we launch our very popular and successful 'Let's Get Snapping for M.E!' Competition. For those not familiar with the event, this is a fantastic opportunity to share your hidden talent and get your photo or artwork printed on this year's charity Christmas cards. In doing so, you'll also be helping a great cause since all cards are sold to raise money for Invest in ME's Biomedical Research Fund. But that's not all; winners will also receive a pack featuring their winning image, either as a mixed pack or one solely of their own. There's never been a better time to dust down those cameras, search out those paintbrushes and start getting creative for ME!

The competition has had something of a makeover for this year and undergone some improvements. Firstly, we’ve decided to accept artwork as well as photos. This means even more of you can take part. Hooray!! Secondly, to enter you now have to submit images by filling in an online Entry Form. Thirdly, we’ve dispensed with the ‘Let’s do it for ME’ Team vote. This means now all approved photos will go into the online vote so they’ll be lots more to choose from – exciting! And finally, there will now be a proper Voting Gallery. Not everything has changed though; Invest in ME will still judge the final stage, and we’ve still kept the image guidelines very open, in that you can send in images of anything you like but it just has to have a Christmassy feel. To give you some idea of what we mean, take a look at last year’s blog post featuring the shortlisted photos.

Now we’ve explained a little about the changes with our ‘new look’ competition, let’s get down to the important matter of how to enter. To enter, Facebook users should click here and non Facebook users can go to our Competition webpage. Just fill it in, upload your image and click Enter. Once you’ve clicked Enter you will then see a confirmation page with an entry ticket number, this can take a little while whilst the image uploads. As in previous years, you can enter up to five images. Images need to be in a digital format and either a JPEG, PNG or GIF file. The maximum file size you can upload is 50MB. For artwork, simply scan the image and upload the file. The entry deadline is 31 August 2014. (Please note, the Entry Form only allows you to upload one image so you if you are entering more than one simply submit a form for each image.)

The online vote, where you get to vote for your favourites, runs from 1 – 7 September. The vote will
take place in our online Gallery and you’ll be able to access this through the same links as those for
entering. As in previous years, you can vote for as many images as you like but can only vote for an
image once. However, there are changes to the way in which you cast your votes. You will need to vote using the Vote button instead of Liking the image, and we will no longer be accepting email votes. Once the online vote is over, Invest in ME will judge the final stage with the winners being announced on 19 September. We aim to print ten images and have the cards available to purchase from late September onwards.

We have a Competition Webpage with a Help Section should you experience difficulties.  Although, the whole process is very simple so you’re unlikely to need it. You can also email us should you need further assistance.

With your help and our ‘new look’ competition, we aim to make this year even bigger and better.
Although last year’s will take some beating given our Christmas card, featuring winner Julie-Ann
Gylaitis’ photo, pipped No 1 slot in The Independent newspaper’s IndyBest 10 Best Charity Christmas Cards. You can read all about it in our special blog post. So let’s get snapping for ME, because who knows where this year will take us or you?

Good luck!

For competition rules click here. For tips on how to create your own home studio see last year’s Competition blog post and scroll down to the bottom of the article.

1st of the month - the day to donate £1 to 1st Class ME Research!

A Pound For Research
AUGUST UPDATE: Posted by Ruth Gilchrist:  August - my Birthday month and for these past few years on my birthday I've donated my age in pounds to IiME - This month I shall be 64 - so here's the plan I've hatched! - I shall donate £64 on my date of birth so please could I ask that 64 of you (who are able to) match that by donating just **ONE POUND** for The 1st of August in this one-off initiative of 'hatch and match' to mark my Birthday - It would really make my day/month!  Many Thanks To You All.

This is my usual monthly reminder of fundraising towards Biomedical Research into M.E. 

To donate just ONE POUND by text - Text this code APFR99 £1 to 70070

Your text should read like this APFR99 £1 

Thank You
Text donations add to the totals on the JustGiving Page.

On the 1st of each month the 'Pound Hound' barks at my bedside to remind Me to remind You of the 
'One Day - One Pound' Fundraiser. 

.../|6 6|\
..._/ ^ \_
.(/ / ^ \ \)-') 
...""' '"" 

Let's make 'Today's £1 Coins Be Tomorrow's Cure'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ruth from the team at Let's do it for ME!

We've also been celebrating 3 years since we launched our campaign - see what's been achieved and the work in progress in our previous blog - Good Things Come in 3s!

The idea of One Day - One Pound is for as many people as possible to donate just £1 on the 1st of each month to show support and to help raise the much needed funds for 1st class biomedical research into this extremely debilitating and often devastating illness. Don't worry if you miss the 1st - all donations throughout each month will count. 

Gift Aid is an extra 25% of your donation from the government if you are a UK tax-payer, so don't forget to tick the Gift Aid box when you donate if this applies to you, but all donations will count towards the total matched amount, whether or not you live in UK or are a UK tax-payer. 

To donate £1 by text to 70070 - use the code APFR99 followed by the amount £1 (or £2, £3, £4, £5, £10 if you wish). Text donations will appear on the Just Giving Page and you can choose to add your name and Gift Aid if eligible, by text. 

You can also donate from a minimum of £2 via the JustGiving page.

Click here for other options to donate £1 or more, including PayPal and bank transfer. 

Please share, tweet, forward this link to your email contacts and ask them to spread the word that if anyone would like to donate £1.00 or more on the 1st of each month it would be much appreciated by the estimated 250,000 sufferers in the UK alone and millions worldwide. 

Invest in ME is a founder member of the European ME Alliance and brings world renowned researchers together with the medical and patient community at its annual biomedical ME research conference events.  Many more ways to raise awareness and funds for free for Invest in ME are featured on our website at ldifme.org

*Let's do it for ME! is a campaign to help raise awareness of the work of independent UK charity Invest in ME (Research) and funds for the biomedical research into myalgic encephalomyelitis that the charity is organising and/or funding. Invest in ME is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who either have ME or are parents and carers of ME patients. They are driving the agenda of scientific biomedical research into diagnostic tests and treatments for myalgic encephomyelitis in UK in collaboration with international researchers of world renown - 2014 will be an exciting year for progress in M.E. research - you can help*

Thank-you for your support - Let's do it for ME!

Let's do it for ME!
IiME/UCL/UK rituximab trial 
Invest in ME (Research)
Invest in ME International Biomedical Research Conference (IIMEC)

100 Cares = 4 Chances to Win £1000!

JustGiving is giving away £1,000 each week until the end of August! 

If 100 cares are hit in the first week, the charity has 4 chances to win, 
so the faster the better.  Hit 100 cares quickly = More chances to win.

So let's show we care - Let's get #100cares for IiME!

Click on this link, then the Care button - you'll need to log in to JustGiving.

Here's the short link to copy and paste - http://bit.ly/1kcDHUS

Let's Show We Care for Invest in ME

Thank you for your support.

Let's do it for ME!
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Summary of recent achievements and work in progress:  Good Things Come in 3s!