1 January 2013

small change to CHANGE M.E

New fundraising idea for 2013 by supporter Sue Page!  Please join in if you can and spread the word.  Sue wrote ..

"Last year as a gift, I was given a piggy bank. I have saved 1p 2p and 5p pieces in it until it is full.  I counted £6-00 out and put the extras back in the piggy to start again .. I had always planned to give the money to Let’s Do it for ME.
Then I thought how “every little helps” (!) and what if lots of us did this next year to raise funds for Let’s Do it for ME ....... ?

So my proposal is that I have set up a just giving page called “small change to CHANGE M.E”.... and I will start it with my £6-00 collected so far, and I will continue collecting .... I hope as many of you as are able, plus friends and family members will join in collecting small change in a special container and donating it to the Just Giving page for Invest in ME in this way. 
PLEASE let me know if you think this is a good idea, and most importantly if you are prepared to join in. I am setting the total to aim at as £2013 which sounds a lot ..... but if several people commit ....we will exceed that by the end of the year easily (not good at maths, but I think we will!!)


A little about me..... 

My name is Sue. I was very fit and healthy until 1993 when I contracted a virus......I never fully recovered....I was diagnosed with M.E. in 1995. I know the horrors of this illness and will do anything I can to help bring research and hopefully treatment and a cure.

A little about M.E....... 

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a debilitating and disabling illness affecting both cognitive and physical functioning. It can affect any person of any age, and its effects on life style are profound......often leading a sufferer to be housebound and dependent on others. There are a range of horrid symptoms and currently NO CURE......

Thank you.

Here are some comments on the Small change to change M.E. event page on Facebook
Alison: "Great idea! My children will love doing this and it's so easy to do.Well done for the inspiration, will find a jar and get collecting!"
Stuart:  " I've suffered with ME for around 10 years, so I'll do this. I must find a suitable vessel into which I can place the loose change, give it a sort of 'home', so I'm reminded about this pledge every time I see it. Great idea. Let's do what we can to get the necessary research to beat this debilitating condition."
Thanks to Nadine for this picture of her choice of collection vessel.

What will you use to collect your loose change for M.E?

Rob is using an old Paul Masson caraffe-shaped wine bottle, Linda is using a piggy bank that she received as a free gift with a purchase from Orange - no prizes for guessing its colour - and true to form, fanatical fundraiser Paul Kayes suggests using something the size of a beer barrel! 
Sue said, "So great to check in here this morning and see more people joining....thank you everyone! Please invite any friends and family who may wish to join us in this too."
Many thanks to Sue for this great idea and to all those joining in to help the small charity Invest in ME to create big changes for M.E in 2013!  

* March Update:  Invest in ME is now registered with Ploink! a simple but brilliant way to collect your small change online that fits in perfectly with "small change to Change M.E" - it's free to sign up - there are no service charges to the charities throughout 2013 - and you can nominate Invest in ME as Charity of the Month for a chance to win extra funds for our cause - click here to read more about Ploink!

*  The Let's do it for ME campaign hopefully has something for everyone who wants to take part, whether you are a fit and well supporter or bedbound by illness.  All efforts are greatly appreciated, from raising funds to raising awareness of the reality of myalgic encephalomyelitis and the urgent need for biomedical research and treatment.  Please see our main website for ways to help.  Thank you for your support - Let's do it for ME!