16 March 2013

Let's Ploink!

Invest in ME has just registered with Ploink! - a great new site offering you the chance to donate small amounts of change to the charities of your choice - no charges to the charities throughout 2013 - and you can nominate Invest in ME as Charity of the Month for May 2013 - perfect timing for May ME Awareness!

Here's how it works:

1. It's FREE to sign up and takes just 30 seconds.
2. Choose up to 3 of your favourite charities - Invest in ME is at the top of this list (click here).
3. Click on "register to support this charity" - all you need is your name, email address and a password.
3. Start ploinking coins from 1p to £2 into the piggy banks - it's really easy and fun to do!

You can put in as little or as much as you like – just like dropping your spare change into a collecting tin. Once a piggy bank has at least 99p in it you're able to donate the money to the charity. You can do this using a credit, debit or maestro card on our secure payment page also PayPal.

This is so quick easy to sign up to even for an ME foggy ploinker ..

Great fun for all the family, children, grandchildren and adults - supervised of course.

It's free !!  No commission charges for donations made in 2013 and you can add gift aid if eligible.

Ploink! fits in nicely with  small change to Change ME  - if you let Sue Page know on the event page of any donations you make via ploink! then she can add it to the totals for this 2013 fundraising event.

Thank you for your support - Let's do it for ME!