4 March 2013

Walk for ME!

The Walk for ME website is now up and looking great! 

This simple but brilliant idea was created by Luke Remnant, with lots of help from Sarah-Louise, Ian, Tracey and Kelsey ....

The aim is to raise ME/CFS awareness as well as funds for charities focused on biomedical research into the causes of ME/CFS. Walk for ME 2013 is supporting two charities - Invest in ME and ME Research UK - you choose which one to support when you create your JustGiving page - then you can join your page to the Walk for ME Team.  No prizes for guessing that we at Let's do it for ME hope that you will join Tanya, Lesley, Lianne, and Rory the Dog (on behalf of Tony) and others in choosing to support Invest in ME on JustGiving for Walk for ME 2013 - or, like Luke, you can support both charities through this event by creating two JustGiving pages - one for each - and join both your pages to the Walk for ME Team. 

The idea behind Walk for ME is that friends, family and loved ones of an ME sufferer do a sponsored walk on their behalf: hence the name Walk for ME or Walk for me. It is hoped that as many friends and loved ones as possible will do a sponsored walk during ME Awareness Week which runs from 6th May to 12th May 2013. 

The Walk for ME Team hope this will be a fun but poignant event. Family and friends can choose to walk any distance they choose; it could be 1 mile, 5 miles, or 10 miles or whatever feels appropriate. The whole idea is that the friend or family member is doing something that their loved one would love to be able to do but can’t. We really hope that by doing this on their behalf and raising sponsorship money it will help raise awareness of this debilitating illness.

People with ME often have friends and loved ones saying they feel helpless and they wish there was more they could do to help. This is their chance!  If walking is not up their street, they can of course find lots of other easy and fun ways to help raise ME awareness and funds by visiting Let's do it for ME

A big thank you to the Walk for ME Team.  To find out more including details of how to get involved in this event and join the ever growing team please visit the brilliant Walk website ..

*Let's do it for ME is a campaign run by ME patients and parents/carers in support of Invest in ME's proposal to establish the first UK centre of excellence combining a clear strategy for high quality biomedical ME research with patient care, aimed at developing appropriate medical treatment/s for ME as rapidly as possible.   Established in 2006, Invest in ME is a small charity and is run entirely by volunteers - ME sufferers or parents/carers.  With its focus on promoting and facilitating biomedical ME research to increase understanding and proper recognition and treatment of this disease, Invest in ME  is making a big difference to the lives of people with ME and giving realistic hope for the future.  All funds raised by the Let's do it for ME campaign go to Invest in ME's biomedical research fund towards high quality biomedical ME research*

Post by Kerryn Besbeech Groves ..
"Hi everyone! Do any of you live in East/West Sussex? My sister will be taken part in "walk for ME" for me and we'd like to make more of an event of it. Hopefully get other walkers/families involved. We're planning on setting the route as a circuit around Tilgate Park lake, in Crawley, as sufferers and family members can all set up together and give support for the walkers. The date isn't decided yet, but it will be around ME awareness day/week."