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Invest in ME

Invest in ME is an independent UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of the urgent need for bio-medical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) as defined by the World Health Organisation at WHO-ICD-10-G93.3. 

Invest in ME (IiME) was established in 2006 by parents of children with ME or sufferers of ME.  They have direct knowledge and experience of what ME sufferers and their loved ones are going through and they want to do more than just help ME sufferers and their carers cope.
Everyone involved with Invest in ME performs their work for free.  They organise conferences, produce educational material, provide support and advice for those in need and undertake campaign work for ME.  There are no membership fees and the charity aims to offer as much as possible for free or at cost price. 

All funds raised are used solely to support the charity's objectives.  IiME also has a dedicated Biomedical Research Fund for funds that go directly to research and to projects devoted to biomedical research - such as their proposal for an examination and research facility in Norfolk UK, which we are supporting through the Let's do it for ME campaign.
Invest in ME aims to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to campaign for research and funding to establish an understanding of the Aetiology (causes), Pathogenesis (harmful effects) and Epidemiology (the pattern of distribution of a disease through a population) of ME. This should lead to the development of a universal "thumb-print" test for diagnosis of ME and, subsequently, medical treatments to cure or alleviate the effects of the illness.
Invest in ME wants to establish a national strategy of biomedical research into ME. The charity has links nationwide and also internationally.  IiME is a founding member of The European ME Alliance and has helped to establish a Clinical Autoimmunity Working Group (CAWG).
The effects of ME - debilitating at best, devastating at worst - are apparent to anyone with ME and their carers/parents.  Whether you are a sufferer, a parent/carer, a person involved in the media (see Press pages) or someone who would like to know more then visit the Information Centre for an insight into ME.
A sample of tragic but also hopeful stories from ME sufferers which illustrate the sadness and the reality behind this illness - and which also show the positive approach of ME sufferers that dispels some popular myths that ME is just about being tired all the time, or is caused by depression or lifestyle issues - may be read on the Invest in ME website here: The Story Gallery
Please help to make myalgic encephalomyeltis an illness which is properly understood and where adequate funding is provided for biomedical research into ME allowing treatments and cures to be found by supporting Invest in ME.  Let's do it for ME! 

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