21 December 2012

A Charity Christmas Gift for ME

For an easy way to request a donation to Invest in ME for Christmas send this link to Santa Claus, or add it to your Wish List..

This Christmas, I am supporting a very important and worthy cause.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a multi-system neurological disease.  Anyone of any age can get ME, including very young children. Some are so severely-affected that they cannot speak, swallow or even sit up in bed.  There is no cure.  The severity can vary and fluctuate over time but full recovery is rare.  There is no medical test for ME and a large number of people are misdiagnosed. This all needs to change.

My Christmas Wish this year is to help the UK charity Invest in ME (charity number 1114035) to raise £100,000 towards biomedical research at a centre in UK where patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis may be correctly diagnosed and participate in studies using the latest scientific thinking and most advanced technology in the hope of finding a cure for ME.

Thank you for helping by donating a Christmas Gift for ME!

Please click here for ways to Donate.

* Remember to tick the Gift Aid box or use the Gift Aid form if you're a UK taxpayer so that Invest in ME can claim an extra 25% of the amount you donate from the government!*

To tell someone you have made a gift donation in their name you may like to send this note.

"Let's do it for ME!" is a patient driven campaign in support of Invest in ME and is run in close cooperation with the charity.  Everyone involved with Invest in ME performs their work for free and all funds raised for this cause go to the Invest in ME biomedical research fund.

Please see our main website for full details and ways to help.

The LDIFME 2011 Xmas logo is a re-working of the LDIFME logo using a snowflake design by Chris Spooner.