3 June 2012

Scott's Marvellous Scottish May Marathon for ME!

Scott Handcock
On a ridiculously hot day in Edinburgh last Sunday, 27th May, Scott Handcock ran 26 miles to complete his first ever marathon in 4 hours 47 minutes and 53 seconds!

In his first blog entry of the year in January, freelance writer / director / producer and "occasional voice-monkey", Scott explained why he was doing this in addition to his usual type of "Big Finish" production:

"I'm running for a friend of mine - Jac Rayner - who oddly, I've never met properly, but have worked with a lot over the last year. We're doing a lot to raise awareness (and hopefully money) for M.E. related charities over the coming year, particularly a new project - Let's Do It For ME - which is looking for much-needed funding.

"It's a condition that isn't commonly understood, which is one of the reasons I'm running. Obviously I want to raise money, but if people just go to look at my page and read about how M.E. affects people, and spread the word, that in itself is useful. So please, whilst you're here, click the link below and read about what I'm running for. And if you're able to donate, please do. Thanks. S x"

Huge thanks to Scott, his wonderful family and friends, and all those whose generous donations helped exceed his target by raising a total of £2,194 + £456 in Gift Aid!

In her blog, Jac wrote, "The money is wonderful, but the awareness he’s raised has been brilliant too – I know a lot of people can’t afford to donate (or keep on donating), but their understanding is just as appreciated. And as someone who hated running even back when I *could* run, I am in awe anyone who is prepared to put themselves through something like this anyway."

You may recognise some names from the list of sponsors, especially of you are a fan of Dr. Who ...

... and / or if you recall the announcement in March of another project that we are really excited about ..

A Big THANK YOU Scott and your sponsors for such sterling support!

Let's do it for ME!