23 November 2013

Many Happy Returns Doctor Who!

Today is The Day of The Doctor - 50th anniversary special on BBC1 tonight!
What better way to celebrate the 50th birthday of this world famous series than to download and help spread the word of the companion audio produced by out-of-this-world Big Finish with 100% proceeds to Invest in ME? http://bigfinish.com/releases/v/many-happy-returns-775
100% proceeds to Invest in ME
Its release last year was featured in Doctor Who magazine.  All involved gave their time for free and all proceeds go to Invest in ME.  The initial £4454 raised helped the charity to fully fund the foundation research project at the University of East Anglia which began last month.

Some of the lovely writers, directors and actors involved met our "Let's do it for ME!" Bear. 
Lisa Bowerman and Ayesha Antoine
Scott Handcock
Katy Manning
Paul Cornell
Louise Jameson 
Simon Guerrier
Nicholas Briggs
Read all about it and see photos here: http://ldifme.org/many-happy-returns/ —
The history of Big Finish is told in Justyce Served by Alun Harris and Matt West, who are also generously donating their profits to Invest in ME and Amnesty International.
Authors' profits to Amnesty International and Invest in ME
The authors write:  In 1984 a group of Doctor Who fans began a project which would continue for another decade and eventually lead to much greater things.
Audio Visuals: Audio Adventures in Time & Space were a non-profit, fan endeavour creating full-cast audio Doctor Who drama. 27 plays later the majority of the creative team would go on to be involved with Big Finish, an officially licensed range of Doctor Who audio dramas.
For many fans Audio Visuals  seem almost canon. Nicholas Briggs was our Doctor. We remember the Daleks’ destruction of Gallifrey before it even happened on TV. We supported our Doctor through drug addiction, companion-loss and the horror of Justyce.
This book is a guide to those days. 
With contributions from Nicholas Briggs, Gary Russell, Nigel Fairs, John Ainsworth, Heather Barker, Patricia Merrick, Richard Marson, Jim Mortimore, Andy Lane and no doubt many others between now and September, all wrapped up in a new cover by Tim Keable.
Celebrate Doctor Who fan creativity at its very best.
The first review of the book was courtesy of Starburst Magazine

Huge THANKS to all the above for helping to bring the research and treatment of this disease into the 21st century and giving us realistic hope for the future by supporting Invest in ME.
Let's do it for ME!