27 January 2014

From Mama Chill:  Hey, So, just a little update to keep you all...er...up to date , on how sales are going of Tha Runnin On Empty  merchandise 1 & 2 ,  & Can You See Me Merchandise.

For those that dont know........and you should know by now,  unless you were kidnapped by aliens and have spent the last few weeks being prodded and probed, all profit from these ranges will be donated to Invest In ME with each months payout.  As of today that profit is £137.00 and rising.

So a huge thanx to everyone purchasing, Facebook sharing, Twitter Re-tweeting & generally getting involved, glad you're liking the designs.

I'm a novice designer, still learning as we speak, BUT.....for those that remember the  M.E inspired "One stupid Dot" T-shirt?   I have been asked on a number of occassions if i could bring that back, so having spent the last fortnight working on it, I have come up with a new Super Uber updated version, It will be available instore from March, so there will be plenty of time to purchase for Mays awareness week, and I will be teasing you nearer the time as to its look.

For now this is the M.E range available. All colours can be changed :-  Runnin On Empty 1 :


Runnin On Empty 2:...............


Can You See ME......

All available from My Music store: http://wwwmamachill.dizzyjam.com/  
& dont forget, Once your item arrives you can upload a picture to the store, just click on any item scroll down and not only will you see some of the others who've uploaded so far, you will be able to add your own, along with comments if you choose, so lets keep this rolling.  BIG THANX, Stay blessed, Back Before Elvis :) XXX