12 March 2014

The Zzz....Factor

For those who are unaware, we are creating a MEEPs version of youtube, based on ME humour, as part of IiME's ME Awareness 2014 activities.

I can now announce that the launch date for the Zzz...Factor is 1st May. The website is already up and running so you can take a preview tour and get an idea of just what's on offer. You won't get to see the "acts" yet, so you'll have to live in anticipation until I activate the JustGiving page.

Mhahaha !! Another diabolical scheme to relieve you of your money to help fund IiME medical research and awareness programs. You'll need the password to see the "acts", which you'll only get with your JustGiving donation receipt.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the Zzz...Factor already. I know there are some of you who are working on your own Zzz...Factor entries - no pressure, Linda C and Jeffrey J. :D  The more the merrier - literally. Please keep them coming.

I bet loads of you have funny videos of pets and childrens antics. Send them in (No, not the pets, and DEFINITELY not the children !!!!!) to   IiMEcomedyclub@gmail.com   and we'll put together a "You've been framed" section. May be worth emailing details first, as file size can be a problem.

All together now : Always look on the bright side of life ........

Tony Bradstock