9 September 2011

Kathryn's Sponsored Silence

“My name is Kathryn Lloyd and I have suffered from severe M.E for 26 years from the age of 11.

I've spent many of those years bed-bound in a dark room, unable to tolerate light or any noise at all.

At my illest, I couldn't use my limbs, had to be fed liquid food as I couldn't chew, and I had to lie in one position for 6 years. I had to lie flat, as my blood pressure would drop so dramatically if I even raised my head that I used to start to get the symptoms of frontal lobe brain damage.

I also couldn't speak for 40 months and this is why I've decided to do a sponsored silence as it symbolises just how severe this illness can be.

I want medical evidence that will finally silence the barbarism I've had to put up with by doctors in the press suggesting my illness wasn't physiological. Not many people know as much as I do just how physiological it is. I also want treatments so I can be healthy again, as I was when I was a child so I can make up for the 26 years of my life I've lost.

This centre offers me both of these things and I will do everything to can to support it - please do everything you can too.

Love and hope,


Kathryn plans to hold her event mid-October but she won't hold her tongue for peanuts so to help her family and friends to reach her target you can sponsor Kathryn here.

Thank you so much for your support!

  • UPDATE:  A huge thank you to all who have sponsored Kathryn's silence so far, including Houghton Round Table for their generous donation of £350!

*The Let's do it for ME! awareness and fund-raising campaign is run by ME sufferers in close cooperation with the charity Invest in ME. Your donations go directly to Invest in ME towards the UK Centre. See this campaign highlighted on the Invest in ME website here.