14 November 2011

Giles Meehan on video - Let's do it for ME!

Giles says:

"I spent 4 happy years at Cambridge University, studying Structural Engineering. Soon after I started my first job, I came down with cytomegalo virus (CMV). I was extremely ill in bed for several weeks, with a huge range of symptoms. Despite trying to force myself back into work, I basically never recovered. There were other complications too, and I was eventually diagnosed with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). I have spent most of my twenties virtually housebound (about "25%-30% well" on the disability scales). But thankfully in recent years I have been getting better. I am now working part time as a freelance TV producer, and have made caravanning and boating programmes with a friend. I’m very aware that I still haven't made a full recovery, but I am going out more, and getting back to other activities too - and hope to continue getting better!

My videos are really only a way for me to put together some of my thoughts while I've been ill, about what ME is and how people might be helped to get better. For some people severely affected, though, a full recovery may not be possible, so it is important to try and understand and support everyone. I am quite surprised and humbled that so many people have already taken an interest in what I'm saying, and that it relates so closely to their experiences. If my video blogs can help anyone else at all in any small way then I’m delighted, it’s more than I was hoping for. Interestingly, even my good friends who have known me closely through my illness, have been surprised and hadn't realised just what it can really be like having ME.

I plan to carry on making more video blogs over the coming weeks and months. There is plenty I'd like to say, particularly about treatments and therapies that I have tried, and friends with ME have tried - and about our experiences. My recovery so far has been very slow and gradual, and I believe in my case is thanks to a lot of rest, careful pacing and managing my energy, as well as a range of good nutritional supplements, a gluten free and dairy free diet, chiropractic therapy, and more...

Despite over 4,000 published medical research papers over the years, explaining so many things that go wrong physiologically in the bodies of people who have ME, doctors and patients still do not know or understand the underlying mechanism or causes. This is why it is essential to support serious biomedical research into this illness in this country now."  Giles Meehan.

  • Many thanks to Giles for making this video as part of his series of video blogs, which are very helpful and informative for anyone wanting to understand more about myalgic encephalomyelitis, including sufferers themselves, family, friends, carers and professionals, and which may be viewed via Giles' excellent website Get Well From METhank you Giles and to all those who join us in saying ...

Let's do it for ME!