4 April 2012

Tara Mawer's Video

Tara at Nottingham Capital FM Radio
Hi my name is Tara Mawer and I fell ill with M.E. in November 2010, when I was just 10 years old – I’m 12 now.

I haven’t been able to go to any kind of school, since I first got it, because it started to just push me back. My parents decided to de-register me from school, and now I get home-schooled by my mum.

M.E has changed my life, quite a lot. I try not to complain too much though, because I’m getting things which are helping me feel a bit better, whether it's medicine or treatment. I have nearly every symptom, except for they all come at different times, I get: -

· chronic pain - back ache and joint point (I take Amitriptyline to help with the pain and muscle spasms)

· headaches (But I found out today I’m long-sighted so maybe when I’m doing stuff I need to focus on, my headaches will be a little better from the glasses I’m getting.)

· dizziness (blacking out, or just faded vision) – this may be because my blood pressure goes very low when I stand up and my heart rate is faster.

· regular sore throats and swollen glands

· nausea (I take Cyclizine which is an anti-sickness medicine to try and help make this not too bad)

· noise sensitivity (I wear ear defenders or stay in my room when mum hoovers). Which is also why I couldn’t manage school.

· & fatigue.

Those are just a few/main symptoms there are.

Before M.E./C.F.S I went to tap dance, modern dance and musical theatre. And when they were on I also went to after school dance clubs.

I have to use a wheelchair for when I go out anywhere with a lot of walking, because walking too much tires me out and can cause me to crash. It also can give me back & joint pain. Whenever I think I can walk, I try not to use it, because if I take a few rests sometimes, it’ll be okay, we’ve also got a blue badge, which means I can park a lot closer to places and its easier for me because I don’t have to walk as much.

But, my friends understand my illness so they’re okay with me taking breaks and they try their best. I made a stop motion video about M.E to explain a bit more to them, because a lot of people are calling M.E, the illness which makes me tired, which is quite annoying.

My M.E./C.F.S can also have illnesses with it, I have; Hypertonicity, Hypermobility, Restless Leg Syndrome, IBS, Orthostatic Intolerance/POTS and Vitamin D deficiency, and apparently so do many people with M.E.

I have met some people who also have M.E./C.F.S. usually from the hospital , or my mums M.E forum friends children. Since M.E I’ve just realized how much I love editing videos, and I got a proper editing software for Christmas. I’m getting a better quality camera soon as, and I have a tripod which makes things much easier.

Tara Mawer

(My mum and dad are doing a sponsored weight loss to raise funds for Invest in ME. so if you would like to spread the word for them to get more sponsorship that would be great.) The links are:

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Invest in ME has as its objectives to change how Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is perceived and treated in the press, by health departments and by healthcare professionals. We aim to do this by raising funding for biomedical research and improving education about the disease.

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Tara's M.E Video

Many thanks and well done to Tara!

Please take a few minutes to watch Tara's great stop motion video and share the link widely.

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