7 May 2014

Say Happy Anniversary with M.E Awareness!

Barnaby Eaton Jones is celebrating his 9th wedding anniversary today. "Ironically, without knowing it at the time, I got married in ME Awareness Month (the illness I've lived with since the very early '90s). So, do me a favour and help the charity I support (Invest in ME) reach their target for biomedical research by purchasing a copy of 'Running To Stand Still' (20th Anniversary) - an audio play with music. It's available from ..http://www.barnabyeatonjones.com/apps/webstore/ on CD, with P&P included, for a mere £6. Or you can download it for £3, from http://wirelesstheatre.co.uk/?s=running+to+stand+still at this link -
‘Running To Stand Still’ is a 60-minute audio play with original songs, featuring professional actors, with cameos from presenters on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Gloucestershire and Sky Arts 1, that deals with the illness M.E. as its focal point. It is written by a sufferer and it specifically addresses what happens to relationships around an individual who is stricken by the illness and should educate those that don’t know much about this life-threatening condition.  It is on The Wireless Theatre Company's list of Very Special Plays:  "All profits from this production are directed to the funding of a research centre, by Invest In ME, which concentrates solely on the illness that remains the focal point of this play." 

Many thanks to all the professional creatives involved, who have graciously given their time for free for this production. ME is an illness that is misunderstood and much-maligned in the general public’s eyes. The play aims to show the severity of the illness and the problems it causes for those around the sufferer. It’s serious, amusing, musical and enlightening in equal measures. Those with the illness should be able to empathise with this production. For those yet to be educated, you will surely sympathise when you listen to it. This wonderful play is featured on our main Let's do it for ME website (click here).

P.S. You can also spot Barnaby among the faces in this excellent music video recorded by Mama Chill for the 2013 release of her brilliant new M.E Awareness track, "Don't Say Nuthin' If It Ain't Worthwhile".

Happy Anniversary Barnaby and Kim!!