14 July 2013

Carers' Group for ME

At the 2013 Invest in ME conference (IIMEC8) one of Invest in ME's supporters approached them regarding the setting up of a carers' group for ME.

This was a topic which the charity had been thinking about following their recent meeting with Dr Martin McShane.

As any carer knows, it is not only the patient whose life is affected, and with ME there are even less support network structures to help patients and carers than for other illnesses.

So Invest in ME are inviting people to write to them if you would be interested in forming this.

There are many ideas which can be introduced into this with the objective being to improve the lives of carers and patients.

This idea is not connected with the Let's do it for ME campaign, but we know that many of our supporters are carers of people with ME and so we thought you might like to know about this. 

Please contact the charity at info@investinme.org if you would be interested.

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