13 December 2013

Day 13: Advent Calendar for ME

‘Spice it up!’

Today, we spice up the tree by adding a delicious gingerbread man, made with cinnamon, ginger and many more scrummy ingredients.  Just like the one in Julia Cottam’s photo from the ‘Let’s Get Snapping for ME’ competition, the thirteenth photo to be magically transformed into our Advent Calendar.  But given he’s so tasty, how long will it be before he gets eaten?
You can download today’s advent image for your computer or mobile device wallpaper by clicking here. We have uploaded a number of versions in different sizes to suit various screen sizes. Each is labelled with an aspect ratio. (To find out the aspect ratio of your device divide the screen resolution width by height. We’ve made all images the biggest size possible to cater for the maximum number of devices. If the image is too large it can be easily shrunk to size. If your device’s aspect ratio doesn’t match those uploaded choose the nearest one.) If you’d rather print off today’s picture you can download it by clicking here.

Come back tomorrow for more festive fun and see what Day 14 has in store!

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