31 December 2013

What's In Store?

Hi, As a music artist that CANT tour or  gig courtesy of M.E  it means I have to do everything possible that I CAN do instead to keep up with everything else that goes on in the music world including selling merchandise. Wherever I’ve had stores in the past I’ve always included some M.E inspired T-shirts whose profit would go to an M.E charity.  I’ve tried Café Press, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, you name them I've tried them.  But for me, they all had something lacking. Café Press was American based which made it expensive for someone in the UK to purchase, especially if they were hit with customs too.

Spreadshirt is German based and only deliver in Europe, you have to open a separate American account for overseas.

Zazzle is also USA based so again you're hit with expensive postage.  So I was delighted to discover Dizzyjam, set up by two Cardiff musicians. You can only have an account if you’re also a  musician & have a band page to prove it,  they have famous clients and then people like me LOL! They post out aaaaall over the world and at a reasonable price.  So  I've set myself up a shop….easy…..but then came the hard bit of teaching myself graphic design so I actually had something to put on a t-shirt for you guys…oh oh!.  I’m still at novice stage but…..Ta da…I now have some items in the shop and three M.E designs. 

There’s  the Runnin on Empty range which shows a fuel gage on Empty, the fuel gages colour cant be changed but the garment colour can.   

Then there’s the Runnin on Empty 2 range where the fuel gage and the t-shirt colour can be changed to one of your choosing.


  There’s also a  Can You See ME range which shows a hooded character in silhouette  and  where the face should be is written Can you see M.E. 

The range comes in men & womens t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and tote bags. The company set a default price which we can change if we choose, but I’ve left it as is, to keep cost down, then anything after that is profit. So Every penny of   profit from these items will be donated to the charity Invest In ME. The profit for each item is as follows: Hoody-£6.25  T-shirt- £3.75  Mug-£2.00

If you click on an item you like & scroll down you will see it gives you the option to post a pic of you in your item once it arrives, and you can leave a comment too, so it would be wonderful to see you all on there in your M.E t-shirts, and I hope you will take advantage of that.  I’ve puchased my own Runnin On Empty T-shirt and just waiting for it to arrive, as each item is individually printed to order it usually takes a fortnight, so be patient & please share with family and friends and encourage them to visit the site & help raise awareness and funds too. The store is at http://wwwmamachill.dizzyjam.com/

I will be taking designs off and creating new ones as I become a little better at designing so remember to check back now and then too. Thanking you Muchly in advance, Happy New Year, & May the M.E elephant sit on you less in 2014

                                    stay blessed. Stacy XXX