29 September 2014

Welcome to IIME September Newsletter!

We said in our 1st September update that August had been a busy for month for Invest in ME Charity  
and their supporters. Well, this month has followed suit! 

Invest in ME Research Charity
This rapid progress is enabled *THANKS to YOU ALL* for your tremendous support and generous donations to Invest in ME. IIME writes:
"There are real grounds for optimism now that the charity and its supporters have been able to build a foundation for a long term strategy of biomedical research into ME."
The jam-packed pdf version of the Invest in ME September 2014 Newsletter is a round-up of the two e-newsletters published by the charity this month.

This new pdf format is a taster of things to come, as they intend in future to produce a fuller magazine to accompany the newsletter. This will transform into a monthly document which describes the work that the charity and their supporters are doing together.

From the Introduction:

September 2014 IIME Newsletter
Our foundation project has begun at University of East Anglia and the Institute of Food Research to analyse gut microbiota in ME patients.

At the 2012 conference we stated that we were working on an attempt to set up a rituximab clinical trial. Following our Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium in London last year we have made rapid progress by partnering UCL in setting up the planned UK rituximab clinical trial.

In our ninth year as an organisation we can say each year has been a stepping stone in breaking the mould and bringing ME into mainstream in research and media.

Funding is scarce and the efforts of our supporters to make up what has been lacking from government agencies and research funding organisations have been awe-inspiring.

Please have a read and let us know what you think of the new format! 

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