10 April 2014

Crochet marathon for Invest in ME

Design by Hook

If living with M.E. wasn't hard enough, Seren from Design By Hook is taking it up a notch by attempting to crochet for 12 solid hours on Thursday 8th May.

Having had M.E. since 2011 Seren wants to raise funds to go towards Invest in ME for bio medical research into M.E.

In her words " M.E. has had a massive impact on my life but because of M.E. I learned to crochet so I am going to attempt to crochet for 12 hours starting at 9am and finishing at 9pm on Thursday the 8th May. I will set up a page so that pictures can be posted throughout the 12 hours and everyone can see what I have been making. Items that I make during this time will be available for sale after the event and the profits will go to Invest in M.E. Anyone who knows someone with M.E. knows that this task wont be as easy as it sounds but since I cant run, swim or do anything athletic to raise money this is my personal endurance task. So please help me raise money for Invest in ME and lets get a bit closer to finding a cure for this illness"
Crochet marathon

It's a worthwhile cause, a cure for M.E. is desperately needed and more research is essential to finding it. Follow the links to the just giving page to give your support to the well deserved Seren and please 'like' the crochet marathon Facebook page for more information and updates.

written by Jenny from MEcuperate