11 April 2014

Stephen's London Marathon 2014

This picture of Rosie Cox was taken in 1969 in Aviemore, before she contracted myalgic encephalomyelitis over 40 years ago.  She wrote:

I'm fairly sure I was fresh out of the pool and look suitably dishevelled but equally full of beans as was my way back then. I would never sit still .. always on the go. 1969 is key, because that was the last year I was truly healthy.

Every day of every year since then this disease has impacted my life even if I had no name for the disease until 24 years ago. The impact has been variable, with a few nice remissions, but since 1994 I have been mainly housebound.  
Living each day with this disease which drains every ounce of oomph out of me whilst (now) living with considerable daily pain, and also my attempts to employ the black arts of maquillage to feign being healthier than I ever feel .. not entirely successfully, but top marks to blusher :-) 

I add this to bring further attention to Stephen's final countdown to the BIG DAY on Sunday: London Marathon Day! If you feel you can donate something to help this worthwhile cause and put a spring in the step of an old chap so he hits the Mall, not the Wall, in fine fettle then please follow this link: http://www.justgiving.com/Stephen-Cox4

Look out for runner number 6017 in the London Marathon Sunday 13th April!  
The view Mo Farah will have at the finishing line?
A big THANK YOU to Stephen and all his sponsors from the team at Let's do it for ME!

Stephen training for the London Marathon 2014