22 April 2014

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well and truly stuffed with chocolate eggs whether they be vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free….just ,as long as they weren’t chocolate free? 
Thanx to all your purchases,  profit  this month totalled £126.19  & has just been donated to Invest In ME . Advertising and encouraging people to continue to purchase is ongoing and I hope you will continue to support  it and tell  others.     The “Runnin On Empty” range has far been the most popular , and I think this is due to the fact it can be worn by anyone and everyone regardless of illness and  yet it can still get the message across, although "One Stupid Dot" is doing well.

As some of you know My dad surprised me recently by showing up wearing one that he’d purchased from the store to show support.   Now, he doesn’t usually like wearing T-shirts , which made  me appreciate his efforts even more, plus my step-mum said that he’d been doing a sales job on  visitors they’d had to the house that week, go dad 

I also had an email from a lady just the other day who has M.E  and whose carer had taken them shopping, She was also were wearing her “Runnin On Empty”  T-shirt and said  a number of people commented on it, which made her feel good because she was able to say it was to do with M.E & the profit from sales went to an M.E charity.

She said  she usually found nobody wanted to hear about M.E & like most of us she felt invisible, but wearing the T-shirt  and getting the comments made her feel  more visible and it was almost as if the T-shirt  connected her with people again as  she found they actually seemed interested  to hear what she had to say, which in turn gave her a much needed  lift. I also pointed out to her that she’d done a great job of helping to raise awareness not only by purchasing in the first place but by wearing it out where it was going to be seen and takin every opportunity that arose to explain the reason behind it.

So please keep your emails and your stories coming I love reading them & lets keep sales Rolling. http://wwwmamachill.dizzyjam.com/
                                                 Til next month..

                                                     Big Thanx 
                                                     Stacy XXX