1 December 2011

Message from Miss 3%

Kathryn Lloyd, now known affectionately as our Miss 3%, explains here how she earned that title with not just a little help from her friends ...

Dear all,

Finally, after collecting, counting, re-counting, asking someone who can count faaaar better than I can, then double-checking with a calculator and doing the same with gift aid, the total for my sponsored silence is .... £3060.53!

Thank-you so, so much to everyone who sponsored me – family, friends, neighbours and total strangers who I now consider friends!
Kathryn receiving a generous donation from Michael of Houghton-le-Spring Round Table

In the end, I was silent for 31 hours. As everyone was so kind, I thought I'd try and do it a little longer than planned!  It was certainly a different 31 hours. It brought back many memories I'd rather forget but I thought I'd share one with you just to demonstrate the intolerable suffering severe M.E can cause. I remembered the times when, during my 40 months of being unable to speak, I suffered periods of total paralysis. where I was completely concious but unable to even open my eyelids. So terrifying, and made even harder to bear by the fact that after they passed, as I was unable to speak or move my arms I couldn't tell anyone what had happened - it was only when I could speak again after the 40 months that I finally could.

The 31 hours weren't all bad! It did make me so appreciate how far I have come. I have a long, long way to go but it is truly a miracle that I can now speak and eat and sit and stand etc. - all things I couldn't do for most of 10 years. It also made me realise that now I have noise in my life again - like music and TV and talking - just how important some quiet time out, to reflect still is.

This illness is utterly devastating and anything anyone can do to either raise money or help support those who are, please, please do – I have so loved feeling I was doing something to make a difference and would recommend fund-raising to everyone – it's such a great feel-good feeling. I love the quote ... it is better to light a candle than complain about the darkness ... so if any way you can light a candle for Invest in ME please, please Let's do it for ME!

Many thanks again to each of you for your support. It is so much appreciated by us all.


Kathryn Lloyd x

Huge thanks to Kathryn and her generous sponsors. 

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