27 February 2012

Big Thank You!

Photo of Jan with dad Duncan taken at her
brother's wedding in 2006 (prior to Jan relapsing)
We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Duncan Laverick who has kindly donated money given to him at his recent well deserved retirement from SABIC (formerly ICI) at Wilton, Teesside. That's both the gift from colleagues and friends along with the company gift he received - a total of £370 plus gift aid of £92.50 giving a grand total of £462.50 towards Let's do it for ME / Invest in ME and the biomedical research centre at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

Duncan served ICI / SABIC all of his working life in Research and Development in the Wilton Centre and latterly on Olefines 6 on the Wilton site.

We wish him a long, happy and healthy retirement and again thank him for his generous donation towards this much needed research.

Now some of you will have spotted the same surname as our own Super Jan! Yes it's her Dad (I won't write what she said about him!).

Jan has kindly let me (Paul Kayes) write this short thank you as she is in relapse at present and not well enough to do it herself. Maybe because I too worked at ICI Wilton for 27 years of my working life.

Jan Laverick and Jo Best are the two main instigators of the Let's do it for ME Campaign and work (I was going to say tirelessly) for the cause...however as many will know, campaigning is not without its payback for people with M.E. in terms of health. Despite their limitations, they do a fantastic job on behalf of all of us sufferers.