21 February 2012

Why Rowan has joined Let's do it for ME ...

Rowan says, "Let's do it for ME!"
"Hi my name is Rowan, I have had M.E. for over 2 years.  What started with a few symptoms of pain and horrendous fatigue, has now escalated into something that has rendered me unable to walk for more than 10 paces before weakness and pain sets in, and I have to sit down there and then. The same happens to my arms, which means I have trouble lifting, carrying and cooking, sore throats, eye pain and photophobia, severe head pain/ache, intolerance to noise, temperature fluctuations, and a fatigue that is difficult to describe, are just some of an endless exhuastive symptom list that I and other sufferers have to live with.

I am a wife and mum that now cannot get my daughter to school and has to rely on others to do this for me,
a husband who cooks when he comes home from work, that like others desperately want recognition for this debilitating illness. 

We need proper medical care, we need the biomedical research that Let's do it for ME are campaigning for, which is why I have got involved and have started raising money for Invest in ME through selling blue ribbons for awareness, filling my copper pot up (with lots of silver) and when the better weather gets here I will, with my husband, sell at car boots the kind donations that friends and family have given me to help raise the much needed money to make this a reality."

Rowan is pictured wearing a T-shirt from our on-line shop, with a copy of the cheeky M.E Laid Bare 2012 calendar and the campaign leaflet.

Many thanks to Rowan, her family and friends for all they are doing through Let's do it for ME!