14 February 2012

Snapper Kal's Photos and Fundraising

Message from Snapper Kal about her photos and using her talent to raise money for Invest in ME....

Hi everyone, 

My name is Kim, also known as Kal or 'Snapper Kal'. I have had M.E for 8 years now and I would like to give something to those who are trying to research the causes and treatments for this debilitating disease. 

It's been a struggle in all these years to feel in any way useful as I never know how I will feel from one hour to the next and therefore getting any kind of work is nigh on impossible - which I'm sure you understand all too well. 

I am luckier than a lot of sufferers as I have some 'good' times these days – I didn't for the first 2 to 3 years - I am forever grateful for those but it still affects my life on a day to day basis. For me to find something that I can enjoy doing and that I have the energy for is a blessing, and I would like to do something to aid the people fundraising. 

All your support would be appreciated, please do add yourselves to my group page on Facebook – Photoshop Snapper Kal - and add your friends.

The more people on the site, the more chance of sales and money – 10% of sales - being raised for this cause. 

Many thanks, 
Kim “Snapper Kal”