13 February 2014

Spread some love this Valentines Day

Our fluffy advisor Professor Let's Do It for ME is here with some suggestions on how to 
spread some love this Valentines Day.

As always of course he also wants to raise funds for vital ME research. Anyone can take part in Prof's Valentines Day 'love-in'. Here's how to spread the love and, if you wish, donate to Invest in ME.

He's even made up a catchy little rhyme..

Friend me, Fund M.E
Hug me, Heal M.E
Kiss me, Cure M.E

Whoever you're with and even if you're alone choose to either hug or kiss someone close to you or reach out to a friend however you can e.g. a text or phone call to brighten their day. Then if you wish to complete Prof's rhyme donate a small sum - either for all those with ME or in honour of someone you love - to Invest in ME. All of your donation will fund high quality biomedical research into ME seeking to heal/cure myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Alison Head has been leading the way this Valentines with her 'Secret Valentine' event spreading the love and raising funds towards her Matrix slot for the UK rituximab clinical trial. You may wish to add your Valentines day donation to the others already made on her JustGiving page here - http://www.justgiving.com/AliHeadsletsdoitformerituximabpage

All donation options are listed here - http://ldifme.org/donate/

Most of all we would like to wish all of our supporters whether able to take part or not - and especially those feeling poorly or isolated - much love today and every day.

Let's Do It for ME!