28 February 2014

Zzz....Factor call for material

Have you got the Zzz.....Factor ?

Solihull and South Birmingham ME Support Group have.


For ME Awareness Week 2014, one of the many ways we are raising funds for Invest in ME is through the medium of humour.

We know there is a rich resource of humour within the ME Community and would like to tap into it to Help us Help Ourselves.

As you are able to read this, you will almost certainly be using a Device that will record Voice, Pictures and Video.

Send us a Recording of a few Jokes, some funny Stories, or a "You've been framed" Video.

And best of all, you can do this from your Bed in PJ's and without Makeup for that authentic MEEP look.

Lets show the world that We're Down but not Out and that

MEEPs Rock !!!!!

Please contact us with ideas or material at :